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Voies Urbaines: Rue Mespoul

This creation reflects my relationship with a construction site (a hospital being demolished and renovated to provide elderly housing) that I listen for several months. This piece reflects how I imagine these places when I feel them, how I regain a form of control over them by allowing them express themselves. Trying to trigger an imagination, playing with urban sounds and more specifically construction sounds, so that it transgresses their origins, working on our imagination. The empty buildings fill up, they breathe, they become active where there was only noise and residue. Therein lies the resistance. It is located in the places, it is imaginative, it is partly sound and it then becomes easier to take over these spaces. By listening to these sounds and their compositions, try to inhabit these places differently. Reactivate through listening what has been silenced within us, activate what is brewing somewhere in the interstices of our cities, of our imaginations. So it’s another city that we see, another listening that engages between urban convulsion and urban contemplation. A painting, an ultrasound, an autopsy of my imagination when it comes to opening microphones in places under construction, when it comes to dealing with and navigating these environments. To listen anywhere but preferably in places where work is roaring, in town, walking or sitting. /// Voies Urbaines is a series of sound creations around the streets, dead ends, avenues of our cities and the transformations that make them up. Try to listen to them to understand them better, try to put them into sound to tell the story of the urban fabric. Working on listening, moving it, finding a way to tell stories with urban sounds so that they are listened to, so that they tell the story of our cities and our relationships with them.

Mathias Guilbaud

More from the artist at https://www.instagram.com/mathias.guilbaud?igsh=M3pjbnN4Mmpnemlo