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On Ulysses' Incredible Voyage

Dante's Holy Comedy consists of three parts, but what we all remember is Hell. Among the many characters encountered in Hell, while reading the Holy Comedy as a student, Ulysses is one of those that most impressed me, and I identified with his spirit of rebellion against rules and his passion for discovery. Reading the story of Ulysses today, I still love it, but I cannot avoid thinking that behind every hero there is a multitude of enablers, people who must take care of the dirty, hidden, unsatisfactory, and unheroic daily tasks, so that the destined hero can take his masculine place among the other masculine heroes. For this reason, I decided to tell Ulysses' heroic voyage through the eyes of one of those enablers, making her a woman in love who doesn’t regret having followed her hero to Hell, at the cost of hiding her true self, because her love for Ulysses was second only to her love for discovery and adventure. This is the story of Ulysses' voyage narrated through the eyes of a woman who disguised herself as a man to be allowed to follow the man and the adventures that she loved.

Cristina Marras

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