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Now and Tomorrow

In a world caught in a perpetual cycle of repetition, my sound piece serves as a sonic reflection on the monotony of our daily routines. With a touch of irony and a hint of existential angst, I present the symphony of mundane sounds that mark the passing of our days, a never-ending loop of bodily functions and technological hums. The piece begins with the familiar trickle of early morning urination, a daily ritual that signals the start of yet another cycle. The rhythmic gurgle of the coffee maker follows, a reminder of our dependence on stimulants to face the monotony. The monotonous hum of a computer booting up marks our transition to work, a symphony of clicks and keystrokes that blends into a background drone, punctuated only by the mundane beep of a microwave announcing a hasty lunch break. The day fades into the familiar theme song of a Netflix show, a symbol of our escape into a world of predictable narratives, accompanied by the clinking of wine glasses, a brief respite from the repetitive grind. The soft swish of a toothbrush marks the end of the day, a prelude to the creak of bedsprings and a final, humorous note of flatulence, a reminder of our shared human experience, trapped in this cycle of repetition. Through this sonic collage, I invite the listener to ponder the absurdity of our repetitive existence, to question the meaning of our daily routines and the relentless passage of time. A sonic mirror held up to our lives, a reminder of the strangeness and humor inherent in our daily rituals.

Cristina Marras

More from the artist at https://soundcloud.com/kommunic8