Long Live the New Sound

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I created this audio piece based on a prompt from Disquiet Junto (https://disquiet.com/) "Turn old news into new music". I love reading very old news articles and noticing the ways life is still the same and the ways it’s very different. I wanted to find something from 100 years before I was born in The San Francisco Chronicle. My actual birthday (August 20th) was missing pages in the archive where I looked (newspapers.com) so I went with August 27th, 1884. The story I found is a ghostly echo of the present day anxiety about fentanyl but in other ways has no moral or backstory - it’s just a snapshot of life. I distorted the speakers voice about halfway through, using Holly Herndon's Holly+. And I used Victorian street sounds by Timbre from freesound.org.

Lily Sloane

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