Long Live the New Sound

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A sound art piece that captures the week of the Ragdale Radio Residency in audio scrapbook form. // So this piece was made in reverse. I found this guitar lying on the gold couch in the Ragdale house living room. All of us got so used to leaving our possessions out because we felt so trusting, but somehow, we never lost the need to comment on doing it, like announcing "oh my goodness I left my laptop in the other house" to the room and then not moving and kept chatting. Anyways, so this guitar. It was tuned differently, D something... anything I struck on it sounded generally nice. I can't play guitar. I've never played guitar. But this made me sound so good, dude. I pulled out my phone and recorded myself for a little while, playing with it. Making chords and fiddling with the strings. And finally running my fingers down the fretboard. When I listened back to the recording, I became obsessed with it. I listened to it over and over again as I walked the Ragdale grounds trying to get unstuck or feel something new about being there. It felt so much like the Ragdale in my head but all on a little tape. I decided to interview each of the residents about their experiences for the same length of time as the unedited guitar tape and set to create a piece where our experiences were composed to the guitar; composed to how I saw Ragdale. The guitar is completely unedited. The voices are, well you heard the thing.

Xander Adams

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